Graduate Success Story – Yasmin E.

Yasmin E. – Junior IT Analyst – Nova Scotia – May 2022

Yasmin was looking for a way back into the IT industry. 14 years ago, she was working as an IT teacher in Palestine and had clear goals for her career progression. However, life threw an unexpected surprise her way – quadruplets! With four babies on the way, Yasmin had to leave her job and focus on taking care of her family.

A few years later, Yasmin and her family immigrated to Canada in hopes of a better life. “This meant starting a new life, in a new language, and making new friends,” she remembers. She knew a necessary first step was to get a grasp on English, but after that, she didn’t know where or who to turn to relaunch her career here in Canada.

Yasmin was looking for a way to refresh her IT skills when members of her mosque told her about NPower Canada. Thankfully, we had recently expanded our age eligibility requirements to accept job seekers 31+, and Yasmin was accepted into our Junior IT Analyst program.

Yasmin continued to improve her English skills as she refreshed her technical knowledge. She also benefited from the personal and professional development sessions which gave her insight into Canadian work culture. Yasmin juggled her familial responsibilities with the intensive program, but thanks to her work ethic and determination, completed the program and was asked to share her story at graduation. 

The Junior IT Analyst program gave me the chance to learn, to follow my passion, and to work towards achieving my dream,” Yasmin shared.

Although she had been hesitant to join the program at first due to her age and break from work, she had always lived by the motto “don’t fear failure but rather, fear not trying.”

Yasmin’s inspiring story left few dry eyes at our May 2022 graduation ceremony. We are incredibly proud of her courage and hard work and can’t wait to see what her future holds.