Graduate Success Story – Zent V.

Zent V. – Manitoba – Junior IT Analyst – 2023

Zent, a recent graduate of NPower Canada’s Junior IT Analyst program, was ready to chase his goals and give a career in tech a second chance.

Before NPower Canada, Zent worked at a restaurant to maintain his lifestyle. He knew this was not a sustainable career path, and wanted to transition into a new field with room for growth. As someone passionate about technology, Zent was ready to take the leap into a new chapter.

When Zent learned about NPower Canada’s programs, he applied with the hopes of pursuing a career in technology and was eager to increase his knowledge to make his dreams a reality.

During the Junior IT Analyst program, Zent learned more than just professional and technical skills; he also grew as a person. He said:

“It helped me a lot, especially with dealing with my inner self. The program motivated me to pursue my career in IT once more. I was able to develop myself to be more enthusiastic in continuing to grow professionally. It helped me aspire to be the best I could be. NPower Canada showed me what I’m capable of and how I could help others which is one of the aspects of being a Tech Support Specialist.”

Zent offered a solid piece of advice to those who want to push themselves in the right direction for their career:

“Don’t be hesitant in trying to learn new things and don’t be afraid to dream big. There are always new opportunities waiting out there for each and everyone.”