HCL Technologies X NPower Canada


At NPower Canada, we’re always looking to partner with innovative companies that are helping to create pathways for Canadian jobseekers. Recently, we partnered with HCL Technologies, a multinational information technology and consulting company, to help them in their search for talented young tech professionals to join their Apprentice program.

HCL Technologies’ IT Apprentice Program creates new career and educational opportunities for young, aspiring tech professionals. Apprentices undergo on-the-job training for 8-12 months to develop essential skills and competencies in tech, before being offered full-time employment. HCL will also provide their apprentices with the funds and time necessary to pursue post-secondary education after they complete the program. 

After consultation with HCL Technologies, NPower Canada put forward seven 2021 graduates to take part in the apprentices program. Four of our alumni were successful in their application, and began their apprentice in April 2022. Since then, HCL Technologies have hired another five NPower Canada graduates.

Recently, we sat down with Kamil, Malcolm, Giovanni and Daniel, whom began their apprenticeship in April 2022 to see how NPower Canada’s Junior IT Analyst program helped them prepare, and what they hope to get out of the next 8-12 months.

Kamil joined NPower Canada because he saw it as a viable alternative to traditional post-secondary, which he could not afford. He had always wanted to get into IT, but wasn’t sure it would be feasible with the barriers he was facing. He acquired fundamental tech skills and soft skills during the Junior IT Analyst program, helping him to land the HCL Technologies’ IT Apprentice. When asked what interested him about the apprentice, he said, “there are a lot of resources available to help me grow and they have incentives for you to return to school afterwards and finish your education.” He looks forward to continuing to develop his skills and take advantage of their scholarships to return to school. 

Malcolm heard about NPower Canada from his cousin, who had been a part of a previous cohort. He was interested in IT and decided to follow in his cousin’s footsteps. “My goal was to come into the program, successfully complete it, and gain the knowledge I needed to take that further step in the IT field,” he shared. That’s exactly what Malcolm did, and he was hired by HCL Technologies shortly after graduating. He’s excited to start hands-on training for the Cloud Analyst role during the apprentice.

Giovanni had originally intended to get into plumbing when then the pandemic hit. He wasn’t 100% sure what he wanted to do with his future, but he had always been interested in computers, so when he heard about NPower Canada, he decided to apply. “The program has been able to get me onto a career path, it got me the apprenticeship. It kind of just took everything that I was confused about and gave me a really clear cut path of where I want to go moving forward,” Giovanni expressed. He’s most excited about the people he gets to work with at HCL Technologies, and continuing to expand his understanding of IT. 

Daniel found traditional academic settings difficult and was looking for more hands-on support. He joined the NPower Canada program which helped him begin his professional journey and better understand the tech field. He was interested in the HCL Technologies’ IT apprentice after looking at their website and seeing that they were a “fast growing global technology company with lots of growth opportunities.” He’s enjoyed the working and learning environment, commending his mentors for being able to explain complex information to individuals like himself who are just starting out in IT. To people considering NPower Canada, Daniel said “If you want to pursue a career in IT, it’s ok to not know where to start, you don’t need to be all-knowing, you don’t need to be a tech guru from the first day, just take your time. When you find yourself struggling, just push through that – in the end it’s well worth it.” 

We will be checking in with Kamil, Malcolm, Giovanni and Daniel as they progress through their apprentice, and are excited to continue our partnership with HCL Technologies over the coming years.