Hootsuite x NPower Canada

Hootsuite x NPower Canada

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Hootsuite. Hootsuite has generously provided a $20,000 donation, as well as 1,100 licenses for NPower Canada alumni to enroll in Hootsuite Academy courses.

Hootsuite is a global leader in social media management, created to help people get connected on social media. They have over 210,000 paid accounts and millions of users, and their mission is to help everyone – from individuals to the largest enterprises – get connected. Their platform connects people with the communities they live in, the customers who believe in them, and the leaders and visionaries who show them the way forward.

The power of human connection is equally important at NPower Canada. We strive to connect participants with some of Canada’s largest employers to launch them into new and rewarding career opportunities. We provide our graduates  with ongoing support and coaching post-completion, building an NPower Canada community one participant at a time. Consistently, we successfully place 80% of NPower Canada alumni in further education or employment only six-months post program completion. Thanks to the new partnership with Hootsuite, another avenue is open to NPower Canada alumni, who can take advantage of Hootsuite’s certification courses to upskill and equip themselves with in-demand social media skills to advance their careers.

“As digitization and automation continue to occur at a rapid pace, NPower Canada aims to offer opportunities for our alumni to gain new skills and certifications to remain competitive in the job market,” said Andrew Reddin, Chief Operating Officer, NPower Canada. “Our partnership with Hootsuite provides new avenues for our alumni to can gain crucial social media skills that will help them advance in their careers”

1,100 NPower Canada alumni will be able to enroll in one of three Hootsuite Academy courses: Hootsuite Platform Certification Course, Social Marketing Certification Course, or the Advanced Social Advertising Certification Course. These courses can cost up to $999 USD, however, all tuition costs for over a thousand NPower Canada alumni will be covered by the partnership with Hootsuite. NPower Canada alumni will have the opportunity to learn about social media strategy and earn certifications that will give them an edge in the digital domain.

“We’re excited to celebrate the graduates who have worked hard to complete this program,” said Eva Taylor, Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Hootsuite. “At Hootsuite, we’re passionate about bridging the digital skills gap and believe that everyone should have the chance to learn, grow and have success in the tech industry. This partnership was a natural fit for us as we strive to provide equal opportunities for talented individuals to work in tech. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with NPower Canada and use the power of education to equip and shape the digital leaders of tomorrow.”

We kicked off the exciting new partnership through a Speed Mentoring Event on November 23rd, 2021 where participants had the opportunity to connect with and learn from knowledgeable industry experts. The event was part of Hootsuite’s Beyond the Nest initiative, where their ‘owls’ have eight hours of paid volunteer time to give back to their communities through meaningful partnerships with non-profit organizations, in order to increase their positive impact.

At the event, Hootsuite volunteers participated in 1:1 rapid speed mentoring rounds with participants from Toronto and Vancouver, followed by a group Q&A session. The Hootsuite volunteers provided resources to help the participants expand their networks as they transition into the world of IT, and gave advice on how to overcome imposter syndrome. We’re excited to continue co-hosting these events with Hootsuite!

Yesterday, NPower Canada held a virtual graduation ceremony to celebrate the completion of its inaugural BC cohort. Hootsuite awarded the Above & Beyond Leader Award, a certificate of achievement that distinguishes a participant who has demonstrated leadership and has empowered themselves and their peers to grow and step up into the next generation of digital leaders and be neighbours and allies in their communities.

Danielle Gregov, Hootsuite’s Senior Employer Brand Strategist, awarded the Hootsuite Above and Beyond Leader Award to Kenneth, a BC graduate, whose grit, academic rigor, professionalism, excellent time management, and drive, powered him through the Junior Data Analyst Program’s tough 14 weeks. Somehow, Kenneth still found the time to aid his peers whenever help was needed – all with a smile on his face.

Kenneth had this to say when accepting the award:

“I am a newcomer to Canada, and before coming here, I was working in the tech field. When I arrived in Canada, I had to work customer service jobs and then I came across the JDA program. With that program I was hoping that I could work in the tech field again, and now I can. I didn’t expect to get an award. In my class and during the program, I was doing what I could and doing my best to help my classmates. I was just doing what I normally do. Being recognized for the efforts I have made is a really nice feeling, it’s fulfilling to have this sort of validation. I am thankful to Hootsuite for recognizing me for the Above & Beyond Leader Award and providing Hootsuite Academy Licenses to NPower Canada graduates to help us gain in-demand skills and grow in our careers.”