Learning Briefs with the Calgary Youth Employment Initiative

As an effort of the Burns Memorial Fund, the Calgary Youth Employment Initiative (CYEI) was setup up to improve employment outcomes among Opportunity Youth in Calgary and contribute to the broader field of knowledge about effective youth employment strategies and programs in Calgary and beyond.

To support the CYEI, NPower Canada developed six learning briefs that document our best practices in order to support other workforce development practitioners in developing and refining their own models for supporting Opportunity Youth.

You can read each of these learning briefs below.

  1. The NPower Canada Model
  2. Supporting Underserved Youth to Secure and Sustain Meaningful Employment
  3. An Overview of NPower Canada Alumni Supports
  4. Future-Proofing
  5. Indigenous Youth Empowerment and Inclusion
  6. Social-Emotional Competencies

If you’d like to learn more about the CYEI and the Burns Memorial Fund, check out the links below.

The Burns Memorial Fund

Calgary Youth Employment Initiative