Manulife empowers aspiring tech professionals to build meaningful careers

Securing full-time employment after graduation is no small task, even without a pandemic. Completing  a diploma in Marketing during unprecedented times, Shay did not have the opportunity to complete the co-op placement portion of his diploma, and was therefore lacking the hands-on skills and experience employers were looking for. Facing a lean job market and unable to find stable employment, Shay made ends meet with freelance web design, where he started to redefine his skill set and decided to focus on pursuing a career in tech. With this decision came the need to upskill significantly for a competitive job market.

Overwhelmed and looking for support, Shay landed in our program. While interested in tech, it wasn’t until reaching NPower Canada that he was able to understand the vast opportunities  in the field and the power of transferable skills. Shay also benefited from participating in our 1:1 Mentorship program, where he gained career guidance from an experienced professional.

“I was always interested in IT, but it wasn’t until I started the NPower Canada program that I realized all of the different kinds of roles and opportunities available in the field of technology,” Shay shared. “I am grateful for the support I received from NPower Canada as I prepared to return to the workforce and get my career moving in the right direction. It makes a huge difference to have people advocating and opening doors on your behalf,” says Shay.

Within days of graduating from NPower Canada, Shay landed a full-time role at Manulife as a Client Account Representative.

Shay was able to consider career options more critically, inspired with a new outlook and an opportunity to reinvent himself. “The best advice I can give someone is to take advantage of opportunities like what NPower Canada provides,” says Shay. “It really puts yourself into the mix to set you up for success. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or share your experiences with other participants. Everyone has been through something similar, and they are happy to help you as well,” explains Shay.

Giving individuals like Shay the opportunity to grow within a company and continue building confidence within the industry is our main priority throughout the program. Through our partnership with Manulife, we are driving inclusive economic opportunities by doing just that. 

Manulife’s recent $200,000 investment will help us to scale our virtual programs to rural and remote communities across Canada, empowering individuals to overcome geographical barriers to employment. Additionally, Manulife’s contributions will support our expansion in Nova Scotia and the launch of our first bilingual programs in Quebec in November of this year. 

Manulife’s support speaks to their mission and recently launched Impact Agenda by driving inclusive economic opportunities to create a more even playing field for all. Through the Impact Agenda, Manulife is inspiring meaningful change and long-term value for communities, like those served through the NPower Canada program. 

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