September 2023 National Graduation Ceremony

If you haven’t checked out our September 2023 Graduation Recap Video yet, take a look!

On September 14th, NPower Canada hosted our National Graduation Ceremony, to celebrate the accomplishments of over 800 graduates from our Junior IT Analyst and Junior Data Analyst programs. As noted by our COO, Nisha Lewis, we were excited to celebrate our newest graduates, who “persevered through hours of workshops, coursework, and certification exams,” to get them closer to achieving their career goals.

To commemorate each of the six provinces we serve, graduate speakers were selected from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec. Here are short excerpts from the inspiring speeches they shared:

Before I entered the NPower Canada program, I found myself in a place many of you may relate to. I was in a job that, although it paid the bills, didn’t ignite any passion within me. The technology sector beckoned me, not just as a field of work, but as a place where I could constantly learn and grow.” – Jashanpreet K., Manitoba Graduate Speaker

During my time in the program, I discovered the joy of learning in an environment that fostered growth. I found myself immersed in a world where determination, motivation, perseverance, and positivity were not just words but lived experiences.” – Emmanuel N., Nova Scotia Graduate Speaker

During my training, I discovered many aspects that were not only appreciated, but also extremely useful.The knowledgeable and passionate instructors, who shared their expertise with me, the hands-on projects that allowed me to apply my theoretical knowledge, and the networking opportunities that allowed us to meet industry professionals.” – Franky D., Quebec Graduate Speaker

I am grateful to NPower Canada for choosing me and ensuring I got an opportunity to be someone better. I would also like to say a huge thank you to all my instructors, as they helped me in a lot of ways… they made it possible for me to keep pushing through and not give up.” – Rachael K., Alberta Graduate Speaker

Within a week of graduating from the program, I was able to land a job at a company called Evolution Gaming, a casino that operates online and allows me to utilize my technical skills to support the IT needs. I’m enjoying my time here, and thanks to NPower Canada, on top of my [previous] work experiences, I can move up to management, work in their IT departments, HR departments, or just progress to the next ladder up.” – David N., British Columbia Graduate Speaker

My entire extended family celebrated my completion of the JDA program, because even they recognize its strong value in the jobs marketplace. I’m especially proud of my oldest son, who was inspired by my journey to apply for NPower Canada training, and who is now already a month into his Junior IT Analyst training!” – Chris M., Ontario Graduate Speaker

At the graduation ceremony, NPower Canada also highlighted some of our partners, who are instrumental in helping us achieve our mission and launch deserving job-seekers into rewarding careers. Shelagh Hayes, Director General, Business Innovation and Community Development, from PrairiesCan, shared a few words to encourage our graduates in this next phase of their journey. PrairiesCan has been our partner since January 2022, with a generous multi-million grant to scale our workforce development program in Alberta. Hayes shared, “Today’s event is a testament to your hard work and determination, and creating a promising career that will benefit not only yourselves, but your communities and employers across the country.

We were also pleased to award the City of Toronto with our Employer Excellence Award. The City of Toronto has been a key partner through multiple phases of NPower Canada’s growth, and so far, have hired over 120 of our graduates. Andrew Davidson, Manager, Program Support, Toronto Employment and Social Services, accepted the award and shared, “I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the incredible impact this program has had on the lives of over 100 interns and new hires at the City of Toronto.” Davidson added some words of encouragement to our new graduates: “Continue to seek guidance, support one another, and pay it forward when you can. Together, you can achieve greatness.”

CIBC Foundation’s Ronan Ryan, Senior Director of Community Relationships and the Executive Director, was present to award a graduate with the Leadership Award. CIBC has hired over 140 NPower Canada graduates, and Ryan shared, “We’re frankly honoured to be able to partner with NPower Canada, [an organization] that meets our own goals, which is to improve access and remove barriers to education and employment for people from underserved communities.” Ryan presented Ramya N., with the award for exhibiting true leadership throughout the program and inspiring their community. Congratulations Ramya!

Thank you to our staff, board members, industry council members, partners, families and friends, who joined us at this special event to celebrate our newest NPower Canada alumni. We can’t wait to cheer them on throughout this next stage of their journey.