Graduate Success Story – Aliza A.

Aliza – Junior IT Analyst – Alberta – August 2019 Graduate

“Looking back and comparing me today, to me when I started the program, I notice tremendous growth. I have found a field that challenges me, sparks my creativity and inspires me to keep learning. NPower Canada Calgary has helped me identify and enhance my strengths, as well as providing me with the essential skills and the industry-recognized knowledge to succeed in any workplace.”

Passionate about learning, Aliza wanted to pursue higher education, however being a newcomer and her financial situation did not allow her to follow this dream. She struggled to find work and was referred to NPower Canada by a partner agency.

When she started in NPower Canada’s program in Calgary, she knew how to use a computer, but had no other tech experience.

“When I envisioned people in the IT industry I would see a guy in a hoodie in a dark room, typing away,” says Aliza. “Bootcamp was an eyeopener, I hadn’t realized that the IT sector was so diverse and essentially I could be in any field I want as an IT professional.”

Aliza was excited to learn about Canadian workplace culture and develop her skills. She was determined to not only complete the program but to excel in it, prioritizing the work of the program over the summer.

“As the weeks went by, I went from wondering if I’ll understand the material to geeking out over motherboards, towers, all the hardware upgrades that could be done,” says Aliza.  “The NPower Canada Calgary staff’s support and motivation was paramount in our success. Their door was always open for us, and none of our concerns, problems or challenges we were facing were considered too small. They provided us with a safe space to open up and helped us in any way they could, including connecting us with awesome external resources.”

After successfully earning her CompTIA A+ and Cisco IT Essentials certifications, Aliza started her career with Long View Systems in September 2019.