Graduate Success Story – David N.

David N. – British Columbia– Junior IT Analyst – 2023 Graduate

David, hailing from Vancouver, B.C, recently completed the Junior IT Analyst program with NPower Canada. He was selected to be the speaker to represent his province at our recent graduation ceremony.

Prior to joining NPower Canada, David worked as a personal trainer. He found it challenging to feel authentic at work and yearned for a sense of community. His untapped interest in computers is what led him to follow his curiosity; this is when he learned about NPower Canada. He enrolled in our Junior IT Analyst program and began his journey in tech.

Throughout my journey, the deadlines got tighter and the assignments got more intensive,” David recalled about the challenges he faced during the Junior IT Analyst program. “But, I persevered throughout the NPower Canada program,” he added.

Due to his determination, David found success. “The end product of passing through each course was rewarding,” David remarked.

An aspect David enjoyed in the program was attending the professional development workshops. He enjoyed practicing his soft skills and building on his experience:

I learned a lot about determination, motivation, perseverance, and positivity,” shared David.

Thanks to the support of NPower Canada, David was able to add to his toolbox of skills. Within a week of graduating from the program, he started a technical support job at Evolution Gaming. During the graduation ceremony, David thanked NPower Canada for our support and looks forward to what lies ahead. “Thanks to NPower Canada, on top of my previous work experiences, I can move up to management, work in their IT departments, HR departments, or just progress to the next ladder up!”

Congratulations, David! We can’t wait to see you continue to shine!