Graduate Success Story – Denis S.

Denis S. – Alberta  – Junior Data Analyst –  September 2022 Graduation

Denis arrived in Canada in March 2022. Despite having a Computer Science degree from Indian, she knew she was facing a challenging road ahead without Canadian experience under her belt. “I’d heard many stories of how difficult it can be to integrate in the Canadian workforce and culture as a newcomer,” Denis shared.

Unable to land an interview, Denis turned to NPower Canada for help. She hoped it would help bridge her experience with the Canadian workforce and provide her with new tech skills. What she wasn’t expecting was the level of support she would find from her peers. “I was really scared to put myself out there, but I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to build such a supportive network with other participants in my program,” Denis said. “The program gave me a clearer understanding of the country and its people who are so welcoming.”

The program helped Denis gain so much confidence that she was put forward to represent Alberta at NPower Canada’s September Graduation. “It may have only been three months, but NPower Canada has made a significant and positive difference in my development, both personally and professionally,” Denis shared at the ceremony.

Now, Denis is working as a Systems Consultant at Long View Systems, and has been taking advantage of our Alumni Programs.