Graduate Success Story – Gregory C.

Gregory C. – Alberta – Junior Data Analyst – 2023  Graduate

Like many of those who graduated during the pandemic, Gregory was unable to find meaningful employment and felt lost. He picked up some odd jobs and projects, but this didn’t amount to the experience Gregory needed to land a job in his field as a Software Developer.

“I was mentally exhausted and struggled to motivate myself to continue in this industry. I was stuck, not knowing what I could do to find a career within my field or even where to start. It was a difficult situation.”

That’s when Gregory heard about NPower Canada. Gregory was particularly interested in the professional development aspect of the program, as he had been unsuccessful to date launching a career in tech despite having some of the foundational skills required. Gregory enrolled in our Junior Data Analyst program and was immediately met with a supportive environment.

“I met some extraordinary people, including my career advisors, instructors, and my peers. We were able to support one another to grow, and every day, we were welcomed by an encouraging environment which helped us succeed.”

The program helped Gregory figure out what direction he wanted to go in, and he is now eager to continue his education in hopes of one day becoming a medical lab assistant.