Graduate Success Story – Jashanpreet K.

Jashanpreet K. – Manitoba – Junior IT Analyst – 2023 Graduate

Jashanpreet from Manitoba, celebrated her completion of NPower Canada’s Junior IT Analyst program at our September 2023 graduation, where she was selected as the province’s graduate speaker.

Before joining NPower Canada, Jashanpreet worked a survival job so that she could cover expenses, but she wanted a more meaningful job in a sector that promoted learning and growth. “The technology sector beckoned me,” Jashanpreet shared. “The allure of innovation and the potential for a meaningful, fulfilling career led me to explore a new path.”

However, breaking into the tech industry came with its challenges for Jashanpreet. She did not have the necessary skills, and was held back by her own fear of stepping into the unknown”. While searching for opportunities to get into tech, Jashanpreet discovered NPower Canada. The organization’s reputation for offering courses that equipped individuals with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the tech field convinced her to join.

Jashanpreet was thrilled to have joined NPower Canada. She remarked:

“I discovered a newfound love for technology and its limitless possibilities. The aspects of the program I enjoyed most were the hands-on experiences, the support from mentors, and the sense of belonging to a community of like-minded individuals on a similar journey. I found immense value in the practical skills I acquired and the professional development opportunities that were presented.”

Jashanpreet’s personal transformation surprised her. She began to see that she developed a sense of determination, motivation and perseverance she had not had before. She felt that the “traits fostered in the NPower Canada community are essential not just for success in this program, but for life, too.”

When Jashanpreet completed the program , she felt immensely proud of herself and her peers, for all the hard work and dedication they had put into studying during the program. She happily reported that because of the Junior IT Analyst program, she has found a job that aligns with her goals and relevant skills she learned from NPower Canada. Jashanpreet is now working as a Technical Support Representative with S&P Data. “My future looks vastly different from what I had envisioned before joining the program, filled with endless possibilities and opportunities for growth,” said Jashanpreet.

Jashanpreet expressed hope for her future in the tech industry, and wanted to share some advice with her fellow graduates: “Remember that the journey doesn’t end here; it’s only just begun. Let our collective determination, motivation, perseverance, and positivity guide us toward success in our careers and in life.”

Congratulations Jashanpreet, and we can’t wait to see what you do next!