Graduate Success Story – Jubril A.

Jubril A. – Alberta- Junior IT Analyst – 2023 Graduate

Jubril’s journey through the NPower Canada program is a testament to the incredible impact of determination and reskilling. With a background in Mathematics and Logistics, Jubril realized the potential for growth in the IT field. Armed with an undergraduate university degree and a clear vision for his future, Jubril embarked on a journey to redefine his career.

Jubril’s venture into the world of IT, grounded in his foundation of Mathematics and Logistics, was an intentional step toward reskilling and embracing new possibilities of his professional life.
At the time he applied for the NPower Canada Junior IT Analyst program, Jubril did not have a job. He had just moved from Montreal to Edmonton, and was finding it difficult to job search while getting settled.

Throughout his time in the Junior IT Analyst program, Jubril enjoyed the aspects of professional growth and personal development the most. His previous approach to meeting goals and deadlines underwent a transformation. The journey had many obstacles, but as Jubril progressed through the program, he found himself strengthening his time management skills — a practice that has since become second nature to Jubril.

NPower Canada’s program played a large role in solidifying his professional skills, preparing him to go to the next level of his career path. Through learning how to craft and tailor his resume, and guidance from NPower Canada staff , Jubril felt well-equipped to apply to relevant jobs in IT.

“I have always wanted to be in the IT world and the program has helped me by moving a step closer to my dreams,” said Jubril.

The skills he gained throughout the program are what drove him to recognize the areas he wanted to work in: esteemed tech companies, financial institutions, or in the oil and gas sectors.

Jubril looked back on his transformative journey and offered some words of advice:

“NPower Canada will change your lives for good. Though it is a time-consuming program, it is worth the time and effort. Overall, the program will change you and make you a better person in terms of personal growth and professionally, too.”

As demonstrated, Jubril’s connection with NPower Canada has not only propelled his career but also reshaped his perspective, solidified his commitment to deadlines, and empowered him with the skills needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of the IT industry.