Graduate Success Story – Simar M.

Simar M. – Ontario – Junior Data Analyst – 2022 Graduate

From moving to Canada, to grappling with an unfamiliar job market and later finding his path, Simar is a resilient individual who never stopped believing in himself. Follow Simar’s inspirational story to find out more about his journey to discovering himself through NPower Canada’s programs.

Simar came to Canada with a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from India. While it was a decision he wanted to make, Simar had a more difficult time than he expected finding employment in his field. While he understood how to craft a strong resume, Simar struggled to land interviews, or to proceed to the next phase after the initial interview. He knew he had to update his skill sets, although he did not know where to begin. However, Simar knew that his ultimate goal was to work in a role where he could use his up-to-date technical knowledge and skills so that his career would be “future-proof”.

When Simar learned about NPower Canada and its technical training programs, he was intrigued; he could tell it would be beneficial to his personal and professional development.
He took the opportunity to dedicate his time to the program and learned all that he could about the information technology field so that he could, “step into a very promising IT industry in Canada“.

A challenge Simar was able to overcome during the Junior Data Analyst program was learning how to ask for help during his job searching process. He felt supported by NPower Canada staff throughout this process and was able to build stronger interviewing skills to match his resume.

The Junior Data Analyst program helped Simar recognize his goal of wanting to become a Data Analyst, and said: “NPower Canada had a huge role in setting me up for success”.

When asked for some words of wisdom so that others considering a career change can see the value that NPower Canada brings to job seekers, Simar chimed in:

Go for it! NPower Canada has connections within the industry, but you still must work on yourself behind the scenes. I made a brave decision to not work during the program and fully concentrated on developing my skills, which I think helped.