Graduate Success Story – Tom H.

Tom – Junior IT Analyst & Google Project Management – Nova Scotia – May 2021 Graduate

Tom had always been interested in pursuing a career in tech, but was struggling to find long-term positions, stuck in contract work that didn’t help him grow professionally. “I’ve had the first job a bunch of times now,” Tom said. He searched for some form of tech education that would help him break from this cycle. PIVOT project, an organization that helps job seekers transition into new careers, referred him to NPower Canada.

Tom enrolled in NPower Canada’s Junior IT Analyst program (JITA), hoping to round out his skill set and gain solid work experience. NPower Canada was the beacon of hope Tom had been searching for. He said, “NPower Canada was an amazing help in offering certifications that allow prospective employers to know that I have skills that they [need].”

Tom found that NPower Canada’s virtual learning model helped him better learn and remain engaged, not to mention gave him a healthier work-life balance. He enjoyed being able to have lunch with his significant other, but still be able to complete coursework, interact with fellow classmates, and excel in the program. Tom said, “I believe virtual learning and working from home … are things that more organizations need to make available for people that are tired of the standard 9-5 with a 2 hour commute both ways.”

Tom appreciated learning relevant professional skills like how to cultivate a personal brand and the job placement assistance which he felt gave him a competitive edge. “NPower Canada offers a bit of everything, and you need all of it to really excel in the job market,” Tom said. Tom’s experience led him to enroll in NPower Canada’s Google Project Management program for alumni. He wanted a broad range of skills to offer an employer, and the Google Project Management program was an “all-in-one package of leadership skills, good project management skills, as well as project/product development skills… things that you can take into a lot of roles.”

“The alumni program helped me advance my career goals … navigating my role in a larger product pipeline. Because in a lot of my previous jobs, I would just be doing the job … and not think about all the people before me or after me that have to do something. In my current role … my hands are in a bunch of baskets at once, so being able to navigate [the project journey] is really important and the project management course was 100% what taught me that.”

Tom secured a role as a Data Analyst with Howatt HR Consulting shortly before completing the alumni program. At work, he applies the IT skills he learned with NPower Canada and the project management skills the alumni program equipped him with, which allow him to help others navigate their own jobs. When asked about work, he said, “I wake up every day thankful that I have the opportunity to help people in their workplace and want to continue doing so.”

When asked what he would say to people considering joining NPower Canada, Tom was adamant that

“If you want to get into tech and don’t think you know where to start, start here and start now. The worst thing you can do is wait and miss your opportunity to start the career that you want.”

For fellow NPower Canada alumni considering the Google Project Management program, Tom said,

“If you’re interested in tech or really want to break into project management, […] NPower [Canada] offers the courses, the encouragement, the help from staff, and continued support outside of the workplace for 5 years.”

Hear more about Tom’s story by watching the video below!