Empowering Barriered Canadians for the Future of Work with Upskill Canada

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NPower Canada is proud to be part of the first wave of partnerships with Upskill Canada to empower barriered Canadians for the future of work. Thanks to $7.5M in funding from Upskill Canada, powered by Palette Skills, NPower Canada will rapidly upskill 1,500 barriered mid-career job-seekers across Canada by 2025 with the technical skills, industry-recognized certifications, and professional development required to fill in-demand jobs. Leveraging our Junior IT Analyst and Junior Data Analyst programs, the partnership will allow us to scale our reach and help more deserving job-seekers get the training they need for the future of work.

Upskill Canada, powered by Palette skills, has announced their first wave of partnership agreements that take an industry-oriented approach to supporting Canadian workers. Supported by funding from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s (ISED) Upskilling for Industry Initiative, Upskill Canada will allow more than 15,000 Canadian workers will benefit from an innovative approach to skills training. Central to the Upskill Canada initiative is the role of community training providers, who work closely with local and national employers to identify precise suites of skills being sought by industry. Equipping workers with these skills will create new career pathways for Canadians and better position Canadian companies to compete both domestically and internationally. Upskill Canada believes in the power and potential of Canadian workers. By equipping people with the technical skills needed to succeed in cutting-edge new careers, we empower workers and industry to thrive in the modern global economy. 

About Upskill Canada

Upskill Canada is a national talent platform that helps fast-growing companies access the talent they need to compete and succeed globally, while creating new career pathways for workers to rapidly transition into high-demand roles. Upskill Canada will target all regions of the country and support Canadian-based employers, with a particular focus on small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It will focus on strengthening key growth sectors, including digital technology, cybersecurity, agricultural technology, advanced manufacturing, clean technology and biomanufacturing.

About Palette Skills

Palette Skills is a national nonprofit whose purpose is to help Canada’s most innovative companies access untapped talent through industry-led rapid upskilling programs. Powered by a consortium of national business associations, leading academic institutions, and nonprofit organizations, Palette works to catalyze a network of partners to adopt new best practices in industry-led upskilling approaches. Palette Skills is hosted at the University of Toronto.